Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turn any Flat Surface into Touch Screen

Here comes yet another breath taking in CES 2010, A projector that converts every flat surface as touch screen. This technology sounds like the six sense, which was still in development these guys from Light Blue Optics has gone one step as a commercial product know as Light Touch.

Sneak Through the Hole


Image courtesy : Light Blue Optics

“In the picture a Sample Twitter Application running on a flat surface”

How's it Possible ??

light_work_bannerIt has projector which uses a technology called Holographic Laser Projection – or HLP™ to create the 2D images and infra red sensors for multi touch sensors. That do the trick. It can create a projected touch screen size of 10.1 inch.


Image courtesy : Light Blue Optics  “ In Picture Working of the Projector ”

What all it do?

It has a Windows CE operating system and support Adobe Flash Lite make it ideal platform and has Image viewing application which gives User Interface similar to Iphone and Microsoft Surface.

Let’s See some applications

04_light_touch_595x4061 imageLT5_480x276LT7_480x276LT6_480x276 Image courtesy : Light Blue Optics

So whatever we saw in Sci-fi movies are coming true, its the very same way Tom Cruise did on Minority Report. Hope Light Saber of Star Wars too come in real life :)

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