Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gadget Store – Beat the Summer with Cool Sunglasses MP3 Player

Oakley Split THUMP Sunglass with MP3 Player


Oakley is a LifeStyle product company which has come up with a unique Sun Glassess which acutally play music.

The Sunglasses come with 1Gb an 2 Gb version, has a pair of detachable ear pieces, so it can be acted as normal sunglasses when you are not hearing the music. It will be a ideal gadget for this summer

The Sunglass has cool controls volume on the Right Stem has Play/pause/skip controls and the left with the


  • Volume controls. The Sunglasses has a USB interface so that you can just connect to the PC and download your favorite song The sunglasses are cool grab and go MP3 Players, no more messy wires and no more tangle, just grab and go.


    • Removable speakers plus hidden controls that seamlessly blend into the icons, allowing Split THUMP to look like normal sunglasses.
    • HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS®(HDO®) for clarity and precision that exceeds all ANSI Z87.1 standards of optical performance.
    • Sweat-resistant design to withstand your toughest workouts.
    • Incredible sound quality that has to be experienced to be believed.
    • Ability to store up to 500 songs on the 2 GB version, 250 songs on the 1 GB version, or 125 songs on the 512 MB version.
    • Up to 7 hours of playback time on a single charge, enough to last through even a marathon session.
    • Easy-to-use interface that gives you full, instant control of your music without having to fumble through your pockets, bag or backpack.
    • Compatibility with the iTunes® Plus Music Store*, Windows® Media Player®, WinAMP® and other popular music jukebox programs that use AAC, MP3, WMA and Audible® file formats.
    • Included Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable for transferring song files easily from Mac® or Windows® PC.
    • Available in Black and White colors

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    This is available in INDIA for a price tag of Rs. 16k

  • Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    New Features in Visual Studio 2008

    Visual Studio 2008 made its presence since Nov 2007 but it did not had a major impact, Now Visual Studio 2010 is going to come but I am just now going through the new features of visual studio 2008

    I am going to List only Important features

    Multi .Net Frame Work Support

    To be honest , I have been converting projects from Visual Studio 2002, 2003 to 2005, when I heard Visual Studio 2008 was came, my first thought was oh god i have to again convert my project and need to have 2 IDE in my machine (2005 & 2008) but VS 2008 has multi .Net Framework support

    • .Net 2.0
    • .Net 3.0
    • .Net 3.5

    File –> New Project or New Website you can see this


    The reason is all the version has same CLR 2.0 hence this feature has been given

    JSCRIPT , JAVASCRIPT Debugging Support

    I have been waiting for this feature for almost 3yrs when I started my career as web developer. This iscool feature previously, we debug JavaScript using alert box now those days are gone. we have JavaScript debug support

    Javascript Intellisense Support

    After the dawn of web 2.0 has to move according. So they provided AJAX which can be integrated with Visual Studio 2005 as Extension. Now Visual Studio 2008 has provided with JavaScript Intellisense support and making AJAX developer, JavaScript validation much easier.

    Debugging .NET Framework Library Source Code

    Recently some part of the .Net Framework has been made open source hence this feature is no surprise, but important we can now debug through .net functions for example Gridview .Databinding() we can go through the method via debug

     Design time Support for the Nested Master Page

    When Master Page was introduced in .net 2.0 framework, this feature was not there in VS 2005 in design time. But this is cool and promised feature that VS 2008 has delivered. You can created nested Master page and then it can be seen in the IDE itself rather than in runtime

    Multithreaded Debugging Features in VS 2008

    Sometimes the little features can make a world of difference. The VS 2008 debugger adds some help to those of us dealing with many threads running in our applications. The first is Show Threads in Source, which you can turn on either by selecting it from the context menu in the Threads window or the toggle button on the Debug toolbar (it's the one with the wavy lines and plus sign). Once Show Threads in Source, you'll see some new icons in the editor margin as shown below.


    Intellisense Box display position

    The Cool features in whole Visual Studio is IntelliSense when you type .  the intellisense drops down but it hides the code lines so to view those hidden codes press CTRL key it will automatically turn transparent and you can view the code and release the CTRL key you get back the IntelliSense box

    Design View and CSS Design Tools

    Visual Studio 2008 now has a rich CSS editing experience with several new tools to make working with cascading style sheets (CSS) easier than ever. Much of the work designing the layout and styling content can be done in Design view using the CSS Properties grid, the Apply Styles and Manage Styles panes, and the Direct Style Application tool. You can also change positioning, padding, and margins in Design view using WYSIWYG visual layout tools

    Visual Studio 2008 Split View


    Imagine you could split the HTML Markup or XAML Markup and your C# code in two different monitor that cool rite no more going back to HTML Markup or XAML and coming back to C# code, In VS 2008 we can configure this split view feature to vertically, this allows developers to use maximum screen on laptops and wide-screen monitors

    Expression Blend Support

    By releasing Expression Studio Microsoft official entry to design mode, Expression Blend is an alternative for Adobe Flash but has cool feature it can be coded via C# or and then it can consume web service very easily. So you can design in XAML using Blend and you right click and create C# code in Visual Studio on the Fly

    Other Features

    • LINQ
    • AJAX integrated
    • IntelliSense Filtering Support
    • HTML JavaScript error as Warnings
    • LINQ Designer
    • Multilingual User Interface Architecture – MUI

    Hope I have covered almost all the new features in Visual Studio 2008

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    Gadget Store – Convert Your Mobile Camera as Web Cam on the Go

    Almost all the Cell Phones have camera now a days, We hardly use it for photographs and video recording, but it can be used for other functions also but with little bit of software help.

    Imagine you are chatting with a friend and suddenly you realize you want to see your sweet dear ones but oops you don’t have a web cam, what will you do?

    Relax guys you have a solution we have a software called “WWIGO”

    WWIGO – Webcam Wherever I Go – cool rite ,

    It’s a free software you can download from here and the best part , its developed by a INDIAN company Motvik and the worst part is it supports only NOKIA Symbian S60 v2.0 or v3.0 phones.


    The Software has two parts one installed in Cell Phones and other installed in your PC. It will work with your phone Bluetooth. So, it work wireless that's cool rite. With Modern and high end camera’s you will get better quality.

    What you can do with WWIGO-

    • Use the camera phone as a wireless webcam.
    • Use it with Youtube to share videos and upload them.
    • Use with Skype, Yahoo! messenger etc. for live video chatting.

    WWIGO is a free alternative to commercially available Mobiola Web Camera. I’ve not practically tried that because I have Sony Ericsson K750i unlucky for this :(

    Hardware Specs

    Specification Description
    Mobile Phone Nokia Symbian S60 v2.0
    Windows XP or Vista PC or Laptop
    Bluetooth Both in Phone and PC

    So with this software you can convert your mobile phone into web cam ;)

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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Gadget Store – See Your Cell Phone Video in Big Screen Using Mini Projector


    I have always wanted a pin hole projector in my cell phone so that i can view the video, images in a real big screen hmmm, It was once a dream, now people are working hard to bring that true, Imagine your cell phone having a projector in build, that too much rite, as of now we can attach a projector to your Cell Phone, Yes a mini and portable projector that can fit your pocket

    The Gadget is named as AAXAP1 , its a product of AAXA's company,The device use LCOS chip, which enables the device to project a 60-inch image at 640 x 480 with 12 lumens brightness. The device weighs in at 168 grams and is no larger than most PDA and high end smart phone.

    More over the Mini Projector supports multiple devices like IPOD, PSP, cell phones etc … The Projector has a in build 1GB storage  It costs 14, 070 ($289), included with the projector is a battery, composite input cable, and charger. A Tripod, microSD cards and mini-USB cable are available separately.

    But its not available in INDIA yet as of April 2009….



    Features Description
    Resolution VGA - 640 x 480
    Brightness 12 lumuns
    Battery Life 45mins to 60mins
    Projection area 60 – inch
    Formats MP4, AVI, WMA, JPG, GIF, HTML, etc.
    Output Mini USB
    Weight 170 grams
    Price $289
    Availability Not in INDIA
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    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    How to Prevent Sending Mails without Subject in MS outlook 2003/07

    It's quite often some time we send mail without mentioning subject line, that creates bad impression some times, to solve this problem I found this solution , thought of sharing with you guys

    Steps :

    • Open MS Outlook 2003 /2007
    • Press Alt+F11, This will open the Macro Visual Basic Editor
    • On the Left Pane, you can see "Microsoft Outlook Objects" expand that
    • Look for the menu "ThisOutLookSession"
    • Click on the menu "ThisOutLookSession" and copy paste the below code
      Code :
    Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean) 
    Dim strSubject As String
    strSubject = Item.Subject
    If Len(strSubject) = 0 Then
    Prompt$ = "Subject is Empty. Are you sure you want to send the Mail?"
    If MsgBox(Prompt$, vbYesNo + vbQuestion + vbMsgBoxSetForeground, "No Subject Warning") = vbNo Then
    Cancel = True
    End If
    End If
    End Sub

    • Save the  and close Visual Basic Editor

    • Then in Outlook , click Tools > Macros > Security > In the Security Level Tab > Select the option MEDIUM > OK (in outllook 2003)

    • In outlook 2007 click Tools > Macros > Security > select warn for all marcros

    • Now Restart the Outlook, a dialog box pops up to Disable / Enable the macros; select as Enable Macros (this option will pops up when ever you restart outlook.)

    So when ever you send a email without subject a Message Box will popout saying "Subject is Empty. Are you sure you want to send the Mail?" ,

    if you want to proceed you can click Yes else No

    Thus our problem is solved.

    How to save in MS Word 97 – 2003 format by default in MS Word 2007

    We send documents to our office counterpart or client who might or might not have MS word 2007, so we always have to remember to save it in MS word 97 – 2003. To Solve this we can have save to MS word 97 – 2003 as default save option.


    • Open MS Office Word 2007
    • Press ALT + F or click  on the office logo on the below screen   


    • The following screen will appear


    • click Word Option
    • Click the Save Tab on the following screen


    • Select the Word 97- 2003 Document option from the Save files in this format dropdownlist
    • Click Ok button

    The Problem is solved.