Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to Add Subtitle in Movie for Media Player & VLC Player

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If you got any movie without Subtitles don’t worry, we have a solution for this

Let’s see how to add Subtitle in Movie

Downloading the Subtitles

There are lot of website offering Subtitles, but I am concentrating only on one website

  1. Open Browser and go to this site opensubtitles
  2. The website provides Subtitles for various languages including Hindi
  3. You can search for the desired movie and download the same
  4. Save the Subtitles in the same folder, where the movie file exists and rename it exactly with the same name of the movie file

E.G. movie filename: c:\movies\movie_title.avi or movie_title.mp4
subtitle filename: c:\movies\movie_title.sub or

Point to note :

  • There might be a chance of your movie and Subtitles not in a sync, to do that note the Frame Rate of the Movie file : Right Click –> Properties –> Summary Tab and you can see Frame Rate
  • Try downloading the Subtitle which matches your Frame Rate, this scenario might happen occasionally

Adding Subtitle in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player by default support Subtitles, which are burned with Video file, but to add extenal Subtitle you need as special software called DirectVobSub.

  • Download the software DirectVobSub and install in your PC
  • After installation this software runs in the taskbar directvobsub .
  • Then Switch on the Subtitle feature in the Windows Media Player ( if Required) wmpsubtitle
  • Then open the Movie file, here goes your Movie with subtitles

Adding Subtitle in VLC Player

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac ...) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

There is no need to download any special software, what you did for Windows Media Player, VLC by default overlay Subtitles

  • Download the Subtitles and place in the same folder, as instructed above and VLC Player will automatically read the Subtitles


  • Also add subtitle files through the ‘Advanced File Opening’ or the ‘Browse for Subtitles…’ options - located respectively in the File and Video dropdown menu’s.

The VLC Player can be freely downloaded from the site. There are also portable versions of VLC media player available. You can find the Windows version here, and the Mac version here.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh My God, Now we have Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

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I have been dreaming to transmit electricity via LASER light,

Instead of passing current through copper wires,convert the current as LASER and pass it through optic fiber wire and the receiver will amplify the transmitted LASER to Current, it’s only a concept, I have just dreamed not tried.

The latest concept in the world of technology is the introduction of witricity. I was surprised and eager to investigate further and found out ….. Read the blog completely :)

Present Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

Palm Pre has released a wireless cell phone chargers in the brand name “TouchStone”.

The Touchstone charging dock uses magnets to align your phone in the correct position for charging, and allows you to use your phone while it’s charging.


The Touchstone Charging Dock charges the phone via Magnetic Induction , the same way battery operated toothbrush does.

Why they call as Wireless?

It’s all marketing gimmick, they say you don’t need to plug in your phone instead keep the phone on dock.


I would have been happy if i could keep my phone off the dock at least few centi meters  away and its charging automatically, anyways nice innovative stuff

Future Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

Nokia has gone one step ahead of palm and trying a really blizzard stuff, its harnessing the floating Radio Frequencies (RF) in air and convert them to electricity, sounds like science fiction movie,      a of R & D team from Cambridge is working on the prototype.

Is this stuffs are possible?

Now this question is running in your mind, we already have working proof for this, the oyster cards used in London , U.K uses this technology, they recharge itself using the radio waves emitted by the Card Reader as they are swiped.

The RFID tags, uses the similar technology to power up itself, Now radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, increasingly used in shipping and as antitheft devices, are powered purely by radiowaves.

Not Enough, In 1893 Nikola Tesla, who was so taken with the idea he attempted to build an intercontinental transmission tower to send power wirelessly across the Atlantic.


Nokia has gone the same way, they simply collect the weak TV signals, Radio signals to recharge, the device has a one wide band antenna and two simple circuit. The antenna and the receiver circuit are designed to pick up a wide range of frequencies — from 500 megahertz to 10 gigahertz — and convert the electromagnetic waves into an electrical current, while the second circuit is designed to feed this current to the battery to recharge it.

At present they are able to harness about 5 milliwatts which is good for a phone to be in Stand by Mode, but surely not enough for receiving call and making calls. They are trying to make it upto 20 milli watts, future is not so far before they make it to 50 milli watts, which is enough to make calls and receive calls.

So in the future,we can see endless youtube video, TV and chat in the phone without the worry of our battery getting drained.

Let’s Hope Future is bright and wait for NOKIA to come up with such a technology soon.

All the Best NOKIA Research team :).

How to Insert Images like Outlook in GMAIL

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Now you can insert Images directly in the mails, like the same way we do in our MS Outlook. No More Work around methods.

Let’s see how

Pre – Requisite

  1. The GMAIL should be open in Standard View not in basic HTML View
  2. The Email Composer should be in RICH Text Editor Mode not in Plain Text Mode


  1. Click Settings Tab in the top right corner of the page
  2. Click Labs Tab, under the settings option
  3. Select Enable option in "Inserting images"
  4. Click Save Changes Button
  5. Click Compose Mail Link
  6. Now you will see the below option
  7. Google Images
  8. The Image icon will be enabled in the Email Composer
  9. Click Image Icon, a popup appears, you can either choose from Web or My computer
  10. Using My computer option, you can upload images from your PC
  11. Using Web, you can give any Image URL
  12. After uploading the photo, click Add Images, you can upload Multiple Images also
  13. If you want to cancel, click Cancel Button

These are the simple steps to insert images in GMAIL

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Mail in Town :Snail Mail - Wanna Send Postal Letters via Email

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Imagine you just sit in your home send a Email and it's delivered as a Postal Letter to the Recipient, Looks blizzard for you, Now that's possible.Now this will question will be running in your mind, why I need this option?



  • Your relative might be in a distance village, have no Internet connection and you don't have time to buy a Inland cover,a stamp, write a letter and go to the post box and post it
  • Your Mom,Dad or Grand Parents may know to use Internet but feels good when they get paper mail they are really impressed
  • Wanna Impress your Gril friend / Boy friend in a different way , instead of sending regular emails, you can attach a picture and send it to them ( pls don't steal this idea from me lolz :p )
  • Imagine your friends get 100 emails daily and chances are there they might miss your emails, if you feel to bring your email to notice, this is a option
  • Send your Greetings, no more going to shop and selecting the greetings, browse in Internet or create a new one in Photoshop and send it to your dear ones

How ............................?


Just open the website and authenticate yourself, send a mail or upload Word or PDF file, pay them online and they will send that via regular postal for your.Simple rite

Cost ............................?

In India we have this service from 2004 as epost cost Rs.10, check for more details here, You can include pictures also the charge is for per A4 sheet :) . The option we have in INDIA is to send only inside INDIA, not to foriegn countries.

Can I send Anywhere in the world?


Well anywhere in the world is possible see the table .......
Service Pricing Colored Printing Payment Options What’s Unique?
Postal Methods $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses No Credit Cards More useful for bulk mails as price decreases with volume
Mail a Letter $1 for US addresses and $2 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can add a self addressed envelope with the letter
Postful $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can send colored photos as postcards
EZGram $1 for US addresses and $1.6 for non-US addresses Yes Credit Cards and PayPal Supports USPS Priority Mail for quick delivery
L-Mail Around $1 - depends on country No Credit Cards and Debit Cards Supports Braille and audio letters
Click 2 Mail Recommended for bulk mail Yes Credit Cards Supports Product Flyers, Booklets and Postcards
Email 2 Postal $1 for US addresses No Credit Cards Supports handwritten envelopes and greeting cards
PC 2 Paper $0.8 for UK and $1.5 for non-UK addresses Yes Credit Cards, Paypal and Nochex Offers a real UK based postal address for incoming post

Data Source : Labnol

 These are the various options available for sending Snail Mail.Snail Mail word came because, it's slow when compared with Email :)( if you feel like your are exposing the content to others, you might not use this option)