Wednesday, July 8, 2015

YouTube autogenerated CC is Weird : Here is one Proof

It is hilarious to read Auto Generated CC(Closed Caption) in YouTube. I was stumbled while I was watching a BuzzFeed Video.

Please enable the Closed Caption by clicking CC

Source: buzzfeed

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's SWASH it

I went to BestBuy to check out some nice headset, but I accidentally watched a weird machine called Swash, then I did some research and sharing some information  in this blog.

Ever wished to re-wear your favorite jeans, shirts again and again like new without washing it again?
There is an machine for it called SWASH developed by whirlpool along with Tide and febreeze.

The Swash machine does not need any water, but it requires a special pod called swash pod which is available at $6.99 for 12 pods. It will refresh your clothes in just 10 mins. The 4 feet machine fits well in the bedroom or walk in closet. It is retail price for $499.

The machine dewrinkle, removes the odour and restore the fit of the dress, see more about the product from the below link

Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple still Uses Google Maps

Apple still uses Google Maps in Icloud. Check for yourself

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Changed in Apple IOS 6, A lesson to be Learned as a Software Product Makers

Every Techie should get inspired from Apple , Let's take some inspiration from the new IOS6. While searching for 200 new features in it , I think I found some 5 or 6 features

Call Screen Difference

Change the Black Screen to White
Camera Screen Change
Change the Black Screen to White

Music Player

Change the White Screen to Black
So What we learned from this upgrade is Change everything from Black to White or White to Black then call it as new OS Features.
Other Features
The Browser Address bar now hides as you scroll down

New Water Drop effect in Mail boxes


Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Puppy Shame Urself in Facebook

Let's see How to Get Puppy Shamed in Facebook.

Click the below Image to view in full screen and then read the blog

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends in Facebook wall, Suddenly I noticed my Facebook ticker popped up with a message with my relatives (very old man)
  • Mr.XXYXZ has read the following news.
  • Poonam Panday goes topless
I was like, what Mamaji , what are you reading. In a minute the reputation is gone, even though he has not committed any sin or crime, this is a very much embarrassing situation.
Then I started doing my research, what went wrong, where and how?

  • First He has subscribed to Yahoo App, without knowing any privacy features, he has allowed yahoo to publish the articles he read in the yahoo site.
  • This is the main reason for the most embarrassing situation or being puppy shamed.

  • Yahoo is not the only app does this, there are other apps like Washington post,
    Recently, my friend saw some “Actress Spicy Video Songs” in DailyMotion and the same has been published in his wall too.

    What We should know?

    First of all, think twice when approving any app to your Facebook, Do you need that ?
    Every App has it own privacy setting, you can either remove the option to post on your Facebook wall or you can make this post visiable only to you.

    Now Iphone 4s and IOS 5 has completly integrated with twitter, windows phone melted with Facebook, Android with FB ,twitter and Google +.

    Now all your so called personnel devices are no more personnel, one wrong move you are exposed to all. So be careful, learn , have knoweledge of the application before using the same.

    What I want to Say is... Use Social network wisely

    Don't get caught ...

    Ussara errunga pa

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    A New and Simple Innovation from Apple : EasyPay Service

    Last week , I went to the Apple Store in a nearby mall, As usual it was buzzing with young kids and Adult Mac lovers, I just went to buy a scratch guard for my iPhone 4.
    Apple store always have very long queue, I was waiting in one of such queue and one Apple Store Representative directed me to newly opened Express Shopping section. I navigated through the shop to reach the destination.
    There I was totally taken in surprise, another Apple Store Rep came and told why are you waiting in the queue, when you can buy without waiting in Queue
    I was like what a self check out machine in Apple Store?
    He smiled and said, you can buy from your iPhone 4 using Apple Store App, I was totally surprise and the experience was unique, and felt very happy
    Pre – Requisite
    • You need to be in Apple Store :D
    • You need to connect in Apple Store Wifi
    • Your iPhone 4 or 4S should connect have Apple Store 2.0 App
    Open the Apple Store App and touch the “Cart” Following Screen pop up.
    You just click the Easy Pay option, Scan the barcode of the bill and the product details will popup in your phone. Then just checkout the product, it will automatically debit the amount from your credit card associate with the Apple id.

    This feature is not applicable for Mac pro laptops , big products like that for other accessories no worries , we can just walk in use my iphone pay it and walk away

    A Small innovation makes a huge impact saving time and unique experience

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Will Apple Fall Again, Will History Repeat ?

    Way back in 80’s when Xerox engineers came up with their ingenious Mouse and window based Operating System. The Xerox Boss laughed and said what do you think, we are going to sell mouse and put the project on scrap.

    Young Engineers thronged to the Xerox center to study the Alto and Steve Jobs gave a commercial hit with the Mouse and GUI based or Window based Operating System to the world.

    When all was going well ,Microsoft came in to the play , they developed (they indeed screwed Apple over icons and Dialog patent) a GUI operating system called Windows.

    Stop Stop , this is a very old history, why we should talk about this now.

    Because the war is out again, indeed in the same style. that time it was PC and this time it was Mobile platform


    Microsoft created Windows Operating System and distributed to multiple Hardware Vendors and that indeed cost very badly to Apple, Still now they are not out of it. The Status quo has changed from then.


    Google has created a open source Operating System Android OS (decent copy cat of iOS) and doing the same, its distributing the Mobile Operating System to various hardware vendors . Apple is still going with its Hardware + Software Bounded Model, which has already cost them the huge PC market.


    Now to more foray Microsoft has launched its new Mobile Operating System, which means they also providing the software to multiple hardware.


    New Mobile OS are all set to come from Nokia + Intel called MeeGo, so the race is heating up.

    Now if you take the stats , Once Apple iPhone has no competitor but now Google’s Android is capturing the smartphone market.

    Now the Big Question is will Apple release iOS for other hardware ?

    For me this is a simple question but for the company its a huge strategy shift, that will change the whole stuff.

    But Apple has won our hearts with its cool creation iphone(same way they won with MAC long back). Will the History Repeats????…..