Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's SWASH it

I went to BestBuy to check out some nice headset, but I accidentally watched a weird machine called Swash, then I did some research and sharing some information  in this blog.

Ever wished to re-wear your favorite jeans, shirts again and again like new without washing it again?
There is an machine for it called SWASH developed by whirlpool along with Tide and febreeze.

The Swash machine does not need any water, but it requires a special pod called swash pod which is available at $6.99 for 12 pods. It will refresh your clothes in just 10 mins. The 4 feet machine fits well in the bedroom or walk in closet. It is retail price for $499.

The machine dewrinkle, removes the odour and restore the fit of the dress, see more about the product from the below link

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