Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gadget Store – Convert Your Mobile Camera as Web Cam on the Go

Almost all the Cell Phones have camera now a days, We hardly use it for photographs and video recording, but it can be used for other functions also but with little bit of software help.

Imagine you are chatting with a friend and suddenly you realize you want to see your sweet dear ones but oops you don’t have a web cam, what will you do?

Relax guys you have a solution we have a software called “WWIGO”

WWIGO – Webcam Wherever I Go – cool rite ,

It’s a free software you can download from here and the best part , its developed by a INDIAN company Motvik and the worst part is it supports only NOKIA Symbian S60 v2.0 or v3.0 phones.


The Software has two parts one installed in Cell Phones and other installed in your PC. It will work with your phone Bluetooth. So, it work wireless that's cool rite. With Modern and high end camera’s you will get better quality.

What you can do with WWIGO-

  • Use the camera phone as a wireless webcam.
  • Use it with Youtube to share videos and upload them.
  • Use with Skype, Yahoo! messenger etc. for live video chatting.

WWIGO is a free alternative to commercially available Mobiola Web Camera. I’ve not practically tried that because I have Sony Ericsson K750i unlucky for this :(

Hardware Specs

Specification Description
Mobile Phone Nokia Symbian S60 v2.0
Windows XP or Vista PC or Laptop
Bluetooth Both in Phone and PC

So with this software you can convert your mobile phone into web cam ;)

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