Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gadget Store – See Your Cell Phone Video in Big Screen Using Mini Projector


I have always wanted a pin hole projector in my cell phone so that i can view the video, images in a real big screen hmmm, It was once a dream, now people are working hard to bring that true, Imagine your cell phone having a projector in build, that too much rite, as of now we can attach a projector to your Cell Phone, Yes a mini and portable projector that can fit your pocket

The Gadget is named as AAXAP1 , its a product of AAXA's company,The device use LCOS chip, which enables the device to project a 60-inch image at 640 x 480 with 12 lumens brightness. The device weighs in at 168 grams and is no larger than most PDA and high end smart phone.

More over the Mini Projector supports multiple devices like IPOD, PSP, cell phones etc … The Projector has a in build 1GB storage  It costs 14, 070 ($289), included with the projector is a battery, composite input cable, and charger. A Tripod, microSD cards and mini-USB cable are available separately.

But its not available in INDIA yet as of April 2009….



Features Description
Resolution VGA - 640 x 480
Brightness 12 lumuns
Battery Life 45mins to 60mins
Projection area 60 – inch
Formats MP4, AVI, WMA, JPG, GIF, HTML, etc.
Output Mini USB
Weight 170 grams
Price $289
Availability Not in INDIA
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