Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carry & Use any browser without Installing in PC

Manoj 4_0 

Browser wars has again started with the introduction of Google Chrome, Now we have a good number of browsers available in the market like IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome are leading players

Now Imagine all the browsers in USB stick and you can use where ever you go without installing it in your PC


What are the Uses?

  • No Need to install the browers like IE, FireFox etc to see how it works and uninstall if you don’t like it
  • You have heard of IE 8 RC1, but could not use it or see the features because downgrade is a problem, you can use this as a solution, you can have IE6, 7 and you can enjoy IE 8 in the same machine
  • To test your website across the browser with
  • Plug & Play your Favorite Browsers. Imagine you are going to your friends home and he/she might use firefox or chrome and you love safari …. No problem you can enjoy your favorite browser any where if you carry in the USB
  • You don’t have permission to install any new software and can just be beneifited (provided you have USB access)All the features are given by a software called Xencode. It’s really a cool Platform which allows you to download the executables from the site and you can enjoy your browsers anywhere by just double clicking the exe. It supports from IE 6 to 8, Google Chrome, Firefox2 to 3, Apple’s Safari & Opera

Chromium is another open source project which provides the similar options but it’s only for Google Chrome 2.0

Try all the browsers Guys don’t stick to One…..


Happy Browsing Guys

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