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New Mail in Town :Snail Mail - Wanna Send Postal Letters via Email

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Imagine you just sit in your home send a Email and it's delivered as a Postal Letter to the Recipient, Looks blizzard for you, Now that's possible.Now this will question will be running in your mind, why I need this option?



  • Your relative might be in a distance village, have no Internet connection and you don't have time to buy a Inland cover,a stamp, write a letter and go to the post box and post it
  • Your Mom,Dad or Grand Parents may know to use Internet but feels good when they get paper mail they are really impressed
  • Wanna Impress your Gril friend / Boy friend in a different way , instead of sending regular emails, you can attach a picture and send it to them ( pls don't steal this idea from me lolz :p )
  • Imagine your friends get 100 emails daily and chances are there they might miss your emails, if you feel to bring your email to notice, this is a option
  • Send your Greetings, no more going to shop and selecting the greetings, browse in Internet or create a new one in Photoshop and send it to your dear ones

How ............................?


Just open the website and authenticate yourself, send a mail or upload Word or PDF file, pay them online and they will send that via regular postal for your.Simple rite

Cost ............................?

In India we have this service from 2004 as epost cost Rs.10, check for more details here, You can include pictures also the charge is for per A4 sheet :) . The option we have in INDIA is to send only inside INDIA, not to foriegn countries.

Can I send Anywhere in the world?


Well anywhere in the world is possible see the table .......
Service Pricing Colored Printing Payment Options What’s Unique?
Postal Methods $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses No Credit Cards More useful for bulk mails as price decreases with volume
Mail a Letter $1 for US addresses and $2 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can add a self addressed envelope with the letter
Postful $1 for US addresses and $1.5 for international addresses Yes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout You can send colored photos as postcards
EZGram $1 for US addresses and $1.6 for non-US addresses Yes Credit Cards and PayPal Supports USPS Priority Mail for quick delivery
L-Mail Around $1 - depends on country No Credit Cards and Debit Cards Supports Braille and audio letters
Click 2 Mail Recommended for bulk mail Yes Credit Cards Supports Product Flyers, Booklets and Postcards
Email 2 Postal $1 for US addresses No Credit Cards Supports handwritten envelopes and greeting cards
PC 2 Paper $0.8 for UK and $1.5 for non-UK addresses Yes Credit Cards, Paypal and Nochex Offers a real UK based postal address for incoming post

Data Source : Labnol

 These are the various options available for sending Snail Mail.Snail Mail word came because, it's slow when compared with Email :)( if you feel like your are exposing the content to others, you might not use this option)

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