Sunday, July 5, 2009

Solve Audio and Video Sync Problem in Movie

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Audio and Video Sync is a common problem in Movie files,Let’s see some easy solution for the same,

Software Required:

  1. Media Player Classic
  2. VirtualDub

Any one of the above software will do the job. We will see the Media Player Classic Solution


ReelPicture : Source 

The Picture shows how the delay exists, there are two types of delays, there might me Video lag or Audio Lag.


  1. Open the Media file in the Media Player Classic
  2. Sneak through or navigate to the part of the Movie, from where the Audio and Video sync mismatches
  3. Pause the Movie Picture2
  4. Now Click view –> options
  5. picture 3
  6. Select Internal Filters Audio Switcher from the left hand panel, Enable built-in audio switcher filter box and Select the Audio time shift box .
  7. Picture4
  8. If the Movie plays audio before the movie then enter positive value else enter the negative value in the Audio time Shift.
  9. 1 sec = 1000ms, keep this as base value,
  10. The process will be like a trial and error method, if the audio comes 1sec before the video add 1000ms, if its 2 sec before the video then add 2000ms and click Ok Button and check the sync
  11. If the video comes 1 sec before the audio, add –1000ms vice versa

Since this method is a trial and error method, it will not a solution for every movie file, but this process will help you to solve the Audio and video Sync problem.

This solution will not work out, if your movie file have a stretched audio mismatch, it means the sync level varies automatically, for that too we have solution, will see that in upcoming blogs.

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