Monday, September 21, 2009

WWE Smack Down vs Raw 2010 : First Cut


This October is really going to be great, two of my favorites are releasing first is Windows 7 and next is my all time favorite game WWE Smack Down vs Raw 2010.

I am playing this game over 9yrs now, from 2000, I even bought my Sony Playstation 2(PS2) only for playing this game. Ok enough of my story let’s come to the game


its the 11th Sequel of the WWE SmackDown Series, which started in 1999 published by THQ. Its been available in PS2, PS3, PSP, XBOX 360, WII and Nintendo DS but not available in PC, The game has around 60 playable characters and it includes the WWE brands like SmackDown, RAW and ECW too.

What’s new?

WWE SmackDown vs RAW (SVR) 2010 has a lot of new promising and long waited feature we will list that one by one


WWE Story Designer Mode

The wait is over, new SVR 2010 have a new feature called WWE Story Designer Mode, which will enable players to create their own stories for weekly shows like Smackdown , Raw and ECW, it has the ability to design the cut scenes to vola this is a huge option, which I have been waiting so long. Let’s see after game  is released


Above is a sample screenshot of WWE story designer.

Improved Create – A - Wrestler

The Roster (Players) have been improved a lot, in the previous version of the game clothes are were painted to the body but here the clothes are 3D, it renders separately and moves according to the Roster and it give real life feel(this feature is available only in PS3 and XBOX 360)

New Paint Tool

A new cool awesome paint tool is provided, so that you can draw your own Tattoo on your wrestler even for superstars like undertaker.  You can choose a 128×128 or 256×256 pixel canvas sizes to design logos and tattoos, it contains pen, fill, shape tool and lots.

Create A Finisher : Diving Finisher

THQ has promised about 30% more content in the Create A Finisher move, A new concept of Diving Finisher, which will allow the user to choose their own taunts, dive and even distance too.

create a finisher 

A Snapshot of XBOX 360 create finisher option

Game Play

The game play and keys almost remains the same and new tutorial video has been added for new comers to this series, the submission locks reversal system has been changed to timing system.

The HUD(Heads Up Display) has been scrapped and new system is available ,the Momentum meter is available as a small Halo underneath each superstar, while HUD icons and information relevant to the match will be displayed around the superstar. The body damage Meter has been replaced with visual cue in player’s act

WWE_SmackDown_vs__Raw_2010_-_HUDNew HUD Options

Super Star Threads

For the first time, WWE superstars can have change the color of their costume and our own design dress alls, you can simply change the dark black undertaker outfit to Blue if you want, without designing costume for him from scarp

New Collision Game Engine : technology update

This game has taken a new collision engine called Havok Game Engine, which will give real time collision effect, It means in old days (just before release of Star Wars : The Forced Unleashed) all the collision are pre animated, when ever you shot a ball or object it will do the same. But Havok will give you real time experience, each collisions are calculated in some math and gives you awesome effect eve time a different one.

WWE SVR 2010 Poster

That’s all for now, I am waiting with my fingers crossed for this new game oh my God, it’s a real stress buster you know lolz .


Let the Game begins……. Are You Game?


Picture taken from Wikipedia and Google search

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