Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Browser : First Cut

The Browser wars does not stop in Desktop Arena it’s continuing in Mobile Phones too and the latest one in town in Opera Mini 5 Beta Browser.

Opera 4.2 was most successful Mobile Browser for All Java Based Phone, NOKIA , BlackBerry etc, now Opera Mini 5 is trying to compete with all touch screen phones and other browsers like Mozilla's Fennec and the Skyfire browser. Let’s see it’s new features

Desktop Like Speed Dial

Now Opera Mini 5 Beta offers the same look and feel of Speed Dial which exists in Opera 9 or Opera 10 Desktop web browser, this is really a great feature indeed, Opera Mini 5 will offer you a small snapshot of the web page

mininewuiPicture : New Speed Dial Option 

Tabbed Browsing

This is really a cool feature now Opera offers tabbed browsing in Mobile Phones too, This feature is highly successful with touch screen phones but they have Keypad navigations too for other phones. Tabs allow users to browser several sites simultaneously. This helps users easily jump from one page to another with the


Picture : Tabbed Browsing in Normal Java or Keypad phone 


Picture : Tabbed Browsing in Touch Screen or Blackberry phone 


Picture : Web Page Showing New Page Option 

Password Manager

Now we get a cool password manager with new opera Mini 5, automatically stores passwords in the mobile phone in Opera Mini  virtual memory bank. But I personnel feel this feature is dangerous what happens if my mobile phone is lost???

Copy & Paste Feature

This best loved feature of windows Copy & Paste is now available in Opera Mini 5, what else we want its really a great feature for a mobile browser to have this option

keypad-nyt-copyPicture : New Copy & Paste Option 

The BlackBerry scoop

Opera offers a special version of the Opera Mini 5 beta for BlackBerry. Designed specifically for BlackBerry devices, Opera Mini 5 works seamlessly with BlackBerry, including opening links and copy-and-paste functions. 

Touch Screen & Keypad

We have new feature for Touch screen phones with a keypad

touch-nyt-findinpage Picture : New Touch Screen Keypad

Includes new cool touch screen settings and find in the page options etc

To download Opera Mini 5, visit m.opera.com/next from your mobile phone browser and download the Opera Mini 5 installer specific to your phone. This will install as separate software so your phone can have both Opera Mini  4.2 and Opera Mini 5 Beta for you to explore the options

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