Monday, February 15, 2010

Tech Tweets : Windows Mobile 7 Phone Series

So its the last throw of Dice for Microsoft in Mobile Phone OS arena, after its over taken by Iphone OS and Android. It Seems 7 is been lucky for Microsoft ,Lets see what this Windows Mobile 7 Phone OS offers

Core OS

Good News is Microsoft has developed this OS from the existing Zune OS leaving the Old Windows Mobile 6.5 in Scrap. But Bad News is for Windows Mobile App developers, no news as of now whether it support .Net Compact framework or backward compatibility with old Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft is yet to provide its new SDK for this version of OS.

User Interface

Gone are the days when we use Stylus in touch screen PDA and Smart phone (PALM, HP ipaq, Asus etc) when Iphone made everything work with your fingers

Windows Mobile 7 Phone has new concept call hub, it has 6 hubs organized as People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office. which is called as Live Titles, you can modify the home screen to some extend.


The interface is much like Zune HD with flipping, zooming all fancy stuff. if you Scroll down to find more big, live tiles: Calendar, Exchange, Windows Live, Me and Xbox Live. Scroll right to find the list of all apps on your phone.


it uses the same Zune HD interface , just like we have ipod feature in iphone we have zune in Windows phone

zune music

Social Networking & Browsing

people it support Face book ( every one knows Microsoft invested heavily on FB) and windows Live so you can always be connected. it supports other Social networking also.

The new Web browser is based on Internet Explorer, and includes pinch-to-zoom and automatic column reformatting. Bad news is as of now it does not supports FLASH, it seems everyone is moving in Apple way.

Every phone will have Bing Search button :)

Pictures Gallery

This one is cool they have separate gallery view which is very much integrated with social networking you can directly sync with any cloud or social networking for real time update. off course you have all that multi touch zooming and scrolling option

pictures zune


The whopping mobile gaming market which Iphone has created must have made Microsoft to include this feature, We have a cool new Xbox Live for mobile, its same as the Xbox Live which we have inXbox 360 connect to your gaming world via phone and enjoy the games.

xbox livre

Email & Office

This is one will take the blackberries off the shelves the best mobile email client ever the integration is so superb and it has office onenote to take down all the notes

wm office

Hardware partners

Microsoft told earlier that HTC touch flo will not be a feature of this phone, the phone is heavy in graphics and they are smooth, sleek too. They had made a strict minimum requirements for this software to run such as

  1. Capacitive multitouch screen with atleast 4 point touch
  2. 5 – Megapixel camera
  3. FM Radio
  4. etc

As of now Microsoft is working with Qualcomm, LG, Samsung, Garmin Asus, HTC, HP, Dell, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba. AT&T's their "premiere partner" in the US.

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