Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unknown Cool Google Services

We are all aware that Google has some cool services which starts from Search Engine, Gmail, GTalk , Google Earth , Google Map and the recently launched Google Buzz etc. But still there are some cool features that is not so famous lets see them

Google News TimeLine


This project his hidden under the sleeves of Google Labs, its main feature is to give Head lines of all news for a particular time line (per recent week). You can search your desired content and Google News Line will pull up the recent headlines and populate for you in date wise. So its a one shot news preview.

Link : Google News Time Line

Google In Quotes


This quotes displays the recent quotes made by a particular Political Leaders in recent times about a topic. This feature is good but has limited set of political leaders. This might expand soon to Scientist, Actors/ Actress etc. This is a upcoming features

Link : Google in Quotes

Google Patents Search


Are you a inventor or currently programming your own software algorithm, you can search whether the same has been already patented or already the technology has been invented. This site search through indexed patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The search engine uses optical character recognition (OCR) to sift through patents based on words and terms embedded in the image scans.

Link: Google Patents

Google Image Swirl


This one is hell a Cool Feature guys we have super cool feature called Google Similar Images. This feature is now graduated to Google Image search. Google Similar image will give result set of similar images but Image Swirl goes way a head and gives us a superb user interface of images and its sub groups

First the images gives stacked search images then clicking on the images gives us the one shot grouping view


Link : Google Image Swirl

Google Code Search


No need for explanation name itself suggest it search code for us. Good for Learners and Coders

 Link : Google Code Search

Google Fast Flip


This is like virtual News Stand, this is some what similar to Google News Timeline but this gives new in brand wise, there is a iphone Mobile version of the same

Other Notable Services

There are some more cool services but need lot of catch up to do

Google Scholar : if you are searching to make any paper presentation or read docs its good place

Google Product : One stop Shopping site but not as great as eBay.

Google Trends : Gives you the latest hot searching keyword trends, discover what the world is searching

Google City Tours : its awesome idea, gives you day wise tour trip of a city and even walking distance and time and even direction take right and take left but needs lot of catch up to do. it’s not working in IE 8, try in Google Chrome

Google Audio Indexing : same as Google Quotes but its not taking index from their news text , its taking from their audios, which are in Google Videos , you tube etc. as of now its very limited data only.

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