Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Gadgets for Lazy Peoples

1. Toothpaste Dispenser


For those who are very lazy to take the toothpaste, open the cap position it against brush and squeeze the paste out. Now with this Gadget you just need to press the button.

if you need more attractive one check this , it will hide the half squeezed tooth brush and one more feature is you don’t need to press a button just push the toothbrush head this is called Touch Brush


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For Buying : Check here

2. Automatic Soap Dispenser


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3. To Do List Tattoo


This cool stuff helps your hubby not forget your shopping list.

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4. Motorized Ice Cream Cone


For those lazy ones who feel lazy to rotate the ice cream cone and ate, what an idea sirji?


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5. Wine Glass Holder



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6. Automatic Noodles / Spaghetti Fork


For People on the Move , just dip the bowl of Spaghetti / Noodles and press the button, No more hard work and fight with Spaghetti

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7. Automatic CD / DVD Writer



For those guys who feel taking a blank DVD, press the DVD writer button, Open it put the DVD and close it errrrrrrrrr how much work. Simply put the whole DVD bunch it will take care of your problem

8. Shopper Bag Hanger


This one is good indeed for shopaholics or for hubby whose wife do lot of shopping, now don’t worry about carrying lot of covers, you can just hang them all

9. Boy Friend Pillow


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10. Gal Lap Friend Pillow


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Special Gadget

Mobile Phone Wrist Carrier


For those who talk more (for lovers and engaged people) tired of holding your phone in hand try this it will reduce tiredness and increase your productivity

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