Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 Dead Services of Google

1. Google Wave

The Uber cool hyped collaboration tool was finally dead. Google has very recently told they will stop all the future development of Google Wave.
Purpose of Creation:  A Web app for real time communication and collaboration
Reason for Failure: Too many options that confused the users, ultimately led to its failure

2. Google Video

It was actually started before youtube surfaced in Internet , Google video could never reach the popularity of iFlims or Youtube. After acquisition of youtube, Google’s attempt to change youtube as google video was a flopshow, they retained youtube and dropped Google Video

In a recent statement Google admitted that maintaining Youtube was costly for the company , hence we are seeing some pricing for the videos

3. Google NoteBook

The Idea was to take notes while we are browsing, it was integrated with Google Toolbar too, but the service did not go well, Google has stopped  developing it but still supports the old users. But how long

4. Google Answers

Google launched this service against Yahoo answers , but things did not go as planned, it literally failed, now its officially retired , look the Google’s statement
Google Answers is no longer accepting questions.
We’re sorry, but Google Answers has been retired, and is no longer accepting new questions.
Search or browse the existing Google Answers index by using the search box above or the category links below.

5. Other Unknown Services

Jaiku – it’s a micro blogging platform same as twitter, but it never went up as twitter. Google has officially stopped development but its given as open source for others to maintain the same

DogeBall – This service was replaced as Google latitude , it’s a location based service. User can text about their location and find location and friends.

Google Mashup Editor – Not much information is available for this, it was said to be a place where developers can test their code.

Google Lively – it’s a really cool social networking which has ability to create avatars, your own house, even space station , chat with friends, I guess something like virtual reality but it never went up and they have closed the service.

Future Services to Die (All My opinion only)

  • Google Buzz
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Alert

Feel Free to tell about others. What ever even Microsoft had great flops like Microsoft BOB, Vista etc..

People’s Choice : Blogspot too :(

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Venkat said...

How do you think that Orkut and Google Buzz gonna lay down??? There are folks who would die their life out if there is no spot of Orkut... Agreed?