Thursday, October 7, 2010

Presenting New Group Feature In FACEBOOK

Everybody Knows Group Feature or Listing is already available in FACEBOOK(FB) , Don’t think what I am going to talk about.

Problem Scenario:

I usually get lot of friends request from Family and some old so called friends or unknown or Friends of Friends, I was either forced to accept (in case of family) or ignore the friends request. I personnaly fell FB is my second world and I don’t want to show case to the whole real world. As of now in FB its either take it or leave it.


FB has revamped their existing Group or List feature , now we can post status, pictures, link, notes etc and share only to the group. The notification will go only to the group members. I think its really one awesome feature, FB has worked to increase privacy of the user.

They will provide a group email id , so that we can upload photo via Mobile phone or email and it will be shared only to the Group.

The Group will be displayed in your Home page Left side widget and it will show you specific notification count for each group (This is quiet interesting)

Other Features

Secret Group

What ever you post on Group will be visible only to the group members, but the group name and members of Group will be visible in your profile. If that is also a problem then you can set a option called “Secret” to create your own secret group.

Group Chat
FB is introducing Group Chat, so that you can chat with your complete group, its really going to be funny

Download All
FB now will compress all your photos, message, status updates as on zip file and will mail to you, you can keep it as for backup

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