Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New and Simple Innovation from Apple : EasyPay Service

Last week , I went to the Apple Store in a nearby mall, As usual it was buzzing with young kids and Adult Mac lovers, I just went to buy a scratch guard for my iPhone 4.
Apple store always have very long queue, I was waiting in one of such queue and one Apple Store Representative directed me to newly opened Express Shopping section. I navigated through the shop to reach the destination.
There I was totally taken in surprise, another Apple Store Rep came and told why are you waiting in the queue, when you can buy without waiting in Queue
I was like what a self check out machine in Apple Store?
He smiled and said, you can buy from your iPhone 4 using Apple Store App, I was totally surprise and the experience was unique, and felt very happy
Pre – Requisite
  • You need to be in Apple Store :D
  • You need to connect in Apple Store Wifi
  • Your iPhone 4 or 4S should connect have Apple Store 2.0 App
Open the Apple Store App and touch the “Cart” Following Screen pop up.
You just click the Easy Pay option, Scan the barcode of the bill and the product details will popup in your phone. Then just checkout the product, it will automatically debit the amount from your credit card associate with the Apple id.

This feature is not applicable for Mac pro laptops , big products like that for other accessories no worries , we can just walk in use my iphone pay it and walk away

A Small innovation makes a huge impact saving time and unique experience

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