Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Puppy Shame Urself in Facebook

Let's see How to Get Puppy Shamed in Facebook.

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Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends in Facebook wall, Suddenly I noticed my Facebook ticker popped up with a message with my relatives (very old man)
  • Mr.XXYXZ has read the following news.
  • Poonam Panday goes topless
I was like, what Mamaji , what are you reading. In a minute the reputation is gone, even though he has not committed any sin or crime, this is a very much embarrassing situation.
Then I started doing my research, what went wrong, where and how?

  • First He has subscribed to Yahoo App, without knowing any privacy features, he has allowed yahoo to publish the articles he read in the yahoo site.
  • This is the main reason for the most embarrassing situation or being puppy shamed.

  • Yahoo is not the only app does this, there are other apps like Washington post,
    Recently, my friend saw some “Actress Spicy Video Songs” in DailyMotion and the same has been published in his wall too.

    What We should know?

    First of all, think twice when approving any app to your Facebook, Do you need that ?
    Every App has it own privacy setting, you can either remove the option to post on your Facebook wall or you can make this post visiable only to you.

    Now Iphone 4s and IOS 5 has completly integrated with twitter, windows phone melted with Facebook, Android with FB ,twitter and Google +.

    Now all your so called personnel devices are no more personnel, one wrong move you are exposed to all. So be careful, learn , have knoweledge of the application before using the same.

    What I want to Say is... Use Social network wisely

    Don't get caught ...

    Ussara errunga pa

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