Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Insert Images like Outlook in GMAIL

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Now you can insert Images directly in the mails, like the same way we do in our MS Outlook. No More Work around methods.

Let’s see how

Pre – Requisite

  1. The GMAIL should be open in Standard View not in basic HTML View
  2. The Email Composer should be in RICH Text Editor Mode not in Plain Text Mode


  1. Click Settings Tab in the top right corner of the page
  2. Click Labs Tab, under the settings option
  3. Select Enable option in "Inserting images"
  4. Click Save Changes Button
  5. Click Compose Mail Link
  6. Now you will see the below option
  7. Google Images
  8. The Image icon will be enabled in the Email Composer
  9. Click Image Icon, a popup appears, you can either choose from Web or My computer
  10. Using My computer option, you can upload images from your PC
  11. Using Web, you can give any Image URL
  12. After uploading the photo, click Add Images, you can upload Multiple Images also
  13. If you want to cancel, click Cancel Button

These are the simple steps to insert images in GMAIL

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