Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh My God, Now we have Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

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I have been dreaming to transmit electricity via LASER light,

Instead of passing current through copper wires,convert the current as LASER and pass it through optic fiber wire and the receiver will amplify the transmitted LASER to Current, it’s only a concept, I have just dreamed not tried.

The latest concept in the world of technology is the introduction of witricity. I was surprised and eager to investigate further and found out ….. Read the blog completely :)

Present Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

Palm Pre has released a wireless cell phone chargers in the brand name “TouchStone”.

The Touchstone charging dock uses magnets to align your phone in the correct position for charging, and allows you to use your phone while it’s charging.


The Touchstone Charging Dock charges the phone via Magnetic Induction , the same way battery operated toothbrush does.

Why they call as Wireless?

It’s all marketing gimmick, they say you don’t need to plug in your phone instead keep the phone on dock.


I would have been happy if i could keep my phone off the dock at least few centi meters  away and its charging automatically, anyways nice innovative stuff

Future Wireless Cell Phone Chargers

Nokia has gone one step ahead of palm and trying a really blizzard stuff, its harnessing the floating Radio Frequencies (RF) in air and convert them to electricity, sounds like science fiction movie,      a of R & D team from Cambridge is working on the prototype.

Is this stuffs are possible?

Now this question is running in your mind, we already have working proof for this, the oyster cards used in London , U.K uses this technology, they recharge itself using the radio waves emitted by the Card Reader as they are swiped.

The RFID tags, uses the similar technology to power up itself, Now radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, increasingly used in shipping and as antitheft devices, are powered purely by radiowaves.

Not Enough, In 1893 Nikola Tesla, who was so taken with the idea he attempted to build an intercontinental transmission tower to send power wirelessly across the Atlantic.


Nokia has gone the same way, they simply collect the weak TV signals, Radio signals to recharge, the device has a one wide band antenna and two simple circuit. The antenna and the receiver circuit are designed to pick up a wide range of frequencies — from 500 megahertz to 10 gigahertz — and convert the electromagnetic waves into an electrical current, while the second circuit is designed to feed this current to the battery to recharge it.

At present they are able to harness about 5 milliwatts which is good for a phone to be in Stand by Mode, but surely not enough for receiving call and making calls. They are trying to make it upto 20 milli watts, future is not so far before they make it to 50 milli watts, which is enough to make calls and receive calls.

So in the future,we can see endless youtube video, TV and chat in the phone without the worry of our battery getting drained.

Let’s Hope Future is bright and wait for NOKIA to come up with such a technology soon.

All the Best NOKIA Research team :).

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