Monday, March 22, 2010

Is Google Image Search Reliable ?

The Much Hyped Apple Ipad is out, lets try to get some picture of Apple Ipad using the famous Google / Bing and Yahoo Search

Search Keyword : Ipad



Where is the Apple Ipad Image no way Google Images has failed us. Let try our hand on



Not So bad but it too failed to get the desired image results

Ok I am tired of this I am going to call my old friend Yahoo, lets check whether Yahoo can deliver



To my surprise its giving the latest ipad images with cache day also and its still able to provide the exact ipad pictures in next pages too

So the winner is our old Yahoo :) Google and Bing need to catch up with your Search bots they are showing the very old images.

So guys if you are searching for some images in Google please don’t think you cannot get else where. Google Image search was not that good, same goes with Bing and try Yahoo also.

Please always try various options rather than dying with one

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