Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What are You Tweeting : Know Yours & others Twitter Stats

I was so happy until a mail from my senior came with all my Tweets stats. I was shocked how come horrified but the truth is he did everything without my user id and password.

Yes there is a site called tweetstats which will give all your activity in Twitter with graph, your RT ( Retweeting) Ratio, whom you Replied the More, which interface is used web or any other 3rd party software


The Tweet density shows in which day , which time you are tweeting the max too



another option is tweet cloud, you can see the words you are using often

tweetcloudijustineyou can change the color of the tweet cloud also.

So this stats says i give 2.4 tweets per day :)

This can be used both as good and bad, it can be used for research and spy tool also. people can know whom your are tweeting more like that.

How ever ,now a days people can get the info in Google search and yahoo search hence its not a big deal.

Now pls dont try to put your boy friend / gal friend id in tweetstats and monitor them lolz

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