Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s True Microsoft Courier is leaked

The ebook Reader and Tablet PC Market is heating up with Apple’s much hyped iPad

Now the News leaked in engadget was about the long running rumor of Microsoft Courier(a tablet PC) is true, we can expect that any time soon.

Dubbed as “Digital Journal” is awesomely portable powered by nVidia Tegra2 processor (SOC). The Courier has Dual LCD Screen, which is not bigger than 5x7 ( normal photo size) when closed.


Microsoft Courier is running on the same OS of Zune HD, pink and the core of Windows 7 Phone Series, its nothing but Windows CE 6.

This device will be a combination of Tablet, eBook Reader and net books which will be lesser than a pound and lesser than a inch. The second screen can also be used as virtual keyboard, so you can have lot of screen space.


Other leaked features were it will have hand writing recognition feature, built in Camera, Head phone jack, cloud storage etc.





Image Sourceengadget

Nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft yet but we can expect news about it by Q3 or Q4 of 2010. No details about pricing yet.

This one looks cute and baby I will get this if its released its for sure :)

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